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Michelle Allen Ferguson
Production manager at Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications
As senior graphic designer Julia P. Ames coordinated, assigned and designed layouts for 13 top-quality annual publications (book and magazines) inclusive of choosing photos from our archives, choosing and purchasing stock photos and arranging photo shoots where necessary and ensuring that we we maintained a schedule in a very deadline-oriented environment.

Barbara Christofilis
Senior Graphic Designer at Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications
Julia is an excellent designer! I worked closely with her for 14 years. She is extremely knowledgeable in computer graphics programs such as Adobe Creative Suites. She was always the go-to person when I had any questions or problems.
Harry Cutting
Writer & Photographer at Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications
A talented, efficient and effective designer,  Julia manages projects through to completion. Quickly grasps concepts; creates and contributes original ideas.
Greg Tino (former supervisor, John Kennedy and Associates Marketing)
Owner at Graphic Terminal

I worked with Julia many years ago for a short period but we stay in contact once in a while and I very much enjoyed our collaboration on all the projects we both worked on. Julia was a very responsible and willing to do extra work, to ensure the job was done correctly. Her work habits were top notch and never had an issue directing here on the work she did for us. Lastly, she is a very nice and personable person and got along with the entire team, during her time with us.
Nicolette Bethel (client)
Festival Director at Shakespeare in Paradise (The Bahamas)

Julia worked as a volunteer and private contractor for the Shakespeare in Paradise Theatre Festival in Nassau, Bahamas, from its inception in 2009 until she left The Bahamas in 2016, and continued to assist in various capacities in 2016 and 2017. She was instrumental in assisting us in the branding of the festival and in providing it with the professional and attractive graphic feel. She was the Art Director of the festival, engaging and working with artists to create poster art for different productions, and designing and laying out the programme. Her assistance was invaluable, and she is still missed. She is dedicated, professional, diligent, prompt, and meticulous.

Tanya Hanna, CEO (client)
CL Concepts/You In Music/Prodigy

Julia has worked with me for the past 8 years, as a graphic artist for many of my projects. Prior to our working relationship, I have known her for more than 10 years where I was able to observe her work with great admiration for her focus, attention to detail incredible work ethic and most of all integrity and confidentiality with her clients. She is able to multitask, completing great capacities of work, meeting deadlines with an inexhaustible resource of creativity and energy. All of which have lead me to contracting her talents. She is a highly trained, skilled and exudes professionalism all the way. Julia will do the research and get the job done. To date I still feel and think the same way about her and it is without reservation that she comes highly recommended by me and our group of companies.
Yvette Bynum (client)
Personal and Business Finance

Julia is a diligent worker who is highly gifted in her craft. She employs many original ideas in her work. I recommend her highly for jobs in the artistic industry.

Peter Roise (client)
Brightrock Photography LLC

Julia is a skilled graphic designer I used on one project.  She did a good job.

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