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My last meeting with Shakespeare in Paradise, The Black Box, Nassau, Bahamas

From the time Shakespeare in Paradise (Nassau) theatre festival began in Sept of 2009, I have been the poster art director, and for most of those years, also the main graphic designer for the festival. I helped launch the festival by finding seven Bahamian artists to design posters for each of the shows. By 2013 the festival had featured over 30 posters by 17 different artists, which were not only displayed in a special exhibition at Popopstudios in Nassau, but also printed in a 5th Anniversary special commemorative book.

Every year there were two or three artists who came back to design poster after poster. One of those talented artists is Lindsay Braynen. Even though she was in town for only the first festival, year after year, while she studied design and illustration abroad at Emily Carr School of Art and Design in Vancouver B.C., she continued to deliver brilliant designs for each year of the festival.

This year, I decided that Lindsay was the perfect artist to hand off the poster art direction to, as she had not only been the most dedicated and loyal artist, but she had returned to Nassau and she also knew many of the local artists.

In April, I attended my last planning meeting of Shakespeare in Paradise and Lindsay was introduced as the new poster art director for this coming season.

Here is a video link from that meeting:

SIP13 Poster art exhibition at Popopstudios, Nassau, Bahamas

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